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Service policy

Regulations and policy for self-drive car rental service of Đại Gia Định company.

Đại Gia Định's long-term goal is to create a prestigious and professional of service self-drive car rental in Da Nang. Therefore, to ensure a smooth and successful car rental transaction, the rules of responsibility and commitments of the parties are very important.

Service policy

1. Responsibilities of customers and self-drive car rental Đại Gia Định

A. Corporate Responsibility

- Deliver the vehicle and all vehicle related documents on time and in a safe and clean condition to ensure quality of service.

- Vehicle-related documents include: Vehicle registration (notarized copy), inspection certificate, vehicle insurance certificate (notarized copy or original).

- Be legally responsible for the origin and ownership of the vehicle.

B. Responsibility of the customer who rents the car

- Check the vehicle carefully before receiving and before paying. Sign the handover record to confirm the vehicle's status upon receipt and return.

- Pay in full the car rental as agreed in the contract.

Present all relevant documents when renting a car such as ID card, license certificate, household registration book or KT3. Household deposit / KT3, cash (15 million VND or according to agreement with the garage) or equivalent value (motorcycle, car owner) before receiving the car.

- Respect the rules and the deadline to return the car that the two sides have agreed upon.

- Responsible for compensating damage to vehicle parts and accessories, 100% compensation according to spare part price if spare parts are exchanged, 100% of car repair costs depending on the level of damage to the vehicle, costs for the days when the car is stopped due to the lessee's fault (the price is based on the rental price in the contract) and other non-contractual costs if any.

C. Recommendation

- Dai Gia Dinh asks the car rental to make written "self-driving car rental contract" as well as sign the "delivery record" to ensure the interests of both parties in the event of a dispute. .

- All car rental transactions are clearly specified and agreed in the "Self-drive car rental contract" and "Car handover minutes" of Dai Gia Dinh.

- Customers who rent cars must comply with the Terms, Policies and rules of operation of Đại Gia Định Company,

2. Policy cancellation contract

After the car rental deposit is successful, customers can contact to cancel the car rental contract at the hotline number of Đại Gia Định company.

If you really want to cancel the contract, it must be done as soon as possible because Đại Gia Định will refund your deposit depending on the time of receiving the cancellation request.

The deposit amount that Đại Gia Định will refund to you is calculated as follows:

Time to cancel the contract

Contract cancellation fee

Refund amount

Within 1 hour after deposit

0% Deposit

100% Deposit

Within 12 hour after deposit

30% Deposit

70% Deposit

Within 24 hour after deposit

100% Deposit

0% Deposit

*** In case of contract cancellation fee after deposit, Đại Gia Định will deduct from the deposit of customers (and vice versa, in case the vehicle is not distributed as agreed, Đại Gia Định will refund 100% of the deposit is returned and the cancellation fee will be compensated within 1-3 working days).

3. Price policy

Basically, the structure of car rental price is calculated including:

- Rental unit price: Price is announced according to each type of car you want to rent. Car rental is calculated according to the minimum hour unit, the cost of car rental may increase or decrease depending on the time of car rental. Usually, the rental price will be higher on weekends and holidays.

- Discounts: some car owners have a discount policy for trips lasting a week or a month (average discount from 5 to 20% depending on specific time). Therefore, if you have a need to rent a car for long-term travel or business, you should prioritize this type of service to get a better price.

4. Payment policy

After receiving the car rental contract from the car owner, the last step you need to make a deposit to Đại Gia Định at least 30% of the total car rental. You can choose to pay by online bank transfer or go directly to the company.

The remaining 70%, you pay immediately upon receipt of the goods.

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