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Terms of payment

Regulations on payment terms for customers when using self-drive car rental service at Đại Gia Định company

The car rental payment terms are specified under the self-driving car rental contract signed between the service provider and the service user.

Điều khoản thanh toán

Accordingly, the contract form at the Da Nang self-driving car rental Đại Gia Định company with clear and high legal terms includes the following basic contents:

1. Subject to contract:

Self-driving car rental contracts are essentially the same as other types of car rental agreements. The entity entering into a contract includes the lessor and the lessee.

a. Regarding the lessor: An individual (rental car belongs to the property of an individual) or an organization (the company has the function of negotiating to provide a car or car rental company….).

+ If the rental car is personally owned, there should be a signature attached to the personal information of this person such as: Full name, year of birth, identity card or citizenship ID or passport (with the number, date of issue, issuing authority), origin, address, contact address, phone number, etc.

+ If being an organization, information related to this legal entity must be specified on the company registration certificate (company code, issuing authority, date of first registration, date of change of registration content. Address of registered office) and Legal representative of the organization (including personal information of the representative)

b. About the car rental: Similar to the car rental. However, a car charterer can be simply an individual or a company that needs to rent a car for personal or business purposes.

2. Characteristics of the vehicle

Vehicle characteristics are specified in the vehicle's registration and inspection. The contents of the car include: chassis number, engine number, paint color, number plate, date of issue, ...

Thanks to vehicle documentation, a lessor can also enter basic information about the owner and usage history of the car he is about to rent out.

3. Car rental contract

Car rental purpose: diversified and plentiful according to the needs of the parties. In which there are some basic purposes such as renting a self-drive car, renting a car for business trips, renting a car, ...

- Car rental: is the final overall price of the service as agreed by the parties and by type of rental.

- Payment method: Can be by cash or bank transfer, can be paid immediately after signing the contract or as agreed by the parties. However, the contract must be clear, specific and detailed on this matter.

- Rental period: As mentioned above, because the purpose of car rental is very diverse. So, according to different goals to negotiate different rental period. However, the lease term must clearly state from day, month, year to date, month, year. In addition, it is advisable to specify the delivery time as well as the time to exchange and return the vehicle (if any).

4. Commitments of the parties

This section defines the rights and obligations of the parties, when the information about the vehicle is true, the right to own and use the vehicle belongs to the lessor. The terms of agreement on dispute settlement method in case of conflict, agreement on contract extension….

In addition, the last part should clearly state the number of contracts, clearly showing numbers and words. Each party should keep a contract to avoid possible disputes.

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