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Guide to book a car

Instructions for car booking and self-drive car rental procedures at Đại Gia Định company.

Self-drive car rental booking guide

At the self-drive car rental Da Nang of Dai Gia Dinh company, hiring a self-drive tourist car is no longer too difficult with simpler and more compact procedures than ever. According to the company's regulations, the procedure to rent a self-driving car includes the following steps:

Guide to book a car

A. Self-drive car rental procedures

1. Requirements:

- Household registration book at the car rental place (if there are no friends or relatives to help with).

- Identity card / Citizen card / Passport of the person signing the contract.

- Have a proper driver's license for the type of car you want to rent

- Motorbike registration certificate in the name of the tenant (Not applicable to people with household registration in the same city of Da Nang).

2. Sign a contract

After agreeing the necessary procedures and the car rental price, the staff of Dai Gia Dinh car rental company will come to the place to complete the required procedures (verify information, address, person in the car rental contract ….). Or the tenant can bring the procedure to the company address to be done.

Pay the car rental as agreed (30% - 50% - 100%) by bank transfer or in cash right after signing the contract.

3. Pick up the car

After signing the contract, the tenant will be handed over the contract car for use by the company.

* Note: When receiving the car, please check the vehicle status, fuel level ... and sign for certification of 02 vehicle handover records according to the company's model.

4. Return the car and pay the contract

The general rule of thumb is that you must return the car on time (overtime will have to pay extra, usually about 100,000 VND / hour).

When returning the car, both will compare the original condition of the car, gas level ... to calculate additional surcharge (if any).

Pay the contract according to the signed agreement.

* Note: The company will assist in cleaning the car after it is used for free by the tenant.

B. Car reservation guide

Customers wishing to rent self-driving cars, tourist cars in Da Nang can book rental cars at Dai Gia Dinh company in 3 ways:

1. Book a car rental directly at Dai Gia Dinh company's office at the address: 119 Me Nhu, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City.

2. Booking car rental via hotline number: 0902000075 - 0948777575 - 02363757576

3. Submit a request for car rental booking through the official website of Dai Gia Dinh company at website: ototulaidanang.vn

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