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Customer reviews

Hồ Quang Thế Vũ

Hồ Quang Thế Vũ

Staff - Saigon Hitech
You have the spirit of positive work, good customer support, especially the post-sales phase. I appreciate the professionalism of working with your team.
Phạm Thành Thảo

Phạm Thành Thảo

Staff - Saigon Hitech
You have the spirit of positive work, good customer support, especially the post-sales phase. I appreciate the professionalism of working with your team.
Nguyễn Ngọc Lan Phương

Nguyễn Ngọc Lan Phương

Staff - Saigon Hitech
You have the spirit of positive work, good customer support, especially the post-sales phase. I appreciate the professionalism of working with your team.


 Self-drive car rental service is generally the optimal solution to help you be more proactive in terms of time in the travel of yourself or a group of friends. This is a way to help you avoid the problems that can arise from pre-booked tours or traveling by traditional means such as taxis or public buses.

In addition, by renting a self-drive car, you can drive luxury, high-end or affordable cars depending on your preferences and the price you choose. Of course, this type will be different from car rental with driver, which requires you to meet the mandatory standards to drive the type of vehicle you rent (driver's license).

In short, renting a self-drive car is that you need to meet the basic requirements as well as be willing to pay certain fees in choosing depending on your needs and purposes.

When to rent a self-drive car?

There are many reasons to answer the question of when to rent a self-drive car? And here are some of the most basic information in this regard, specifically:

- When you have a plan to travel with your family, a group of relatives or a group of friends and need a car with enough space as well as to be more active in your travel journey.

- Want to make a formal impression on friends or relatives by your means of transport.

- You want to drive your own car model that you like, need safety and take full initiative in terms of your own travel time and schedule.

- When you don't often need to use a car.

How much to rent a self-drive car?

Below is the price of car rental by day at Dai Gia Dinh company for your reference:

1. Price for renting a 4-seats car:

- Kia Morning | Chevrolet Spart | Mitsubishi Mirage | Hyundai Grand i10: 500kvnđ /24h

- Toyota Yaris | Mitsubishi Attrage: 600kvnđ /24h.

- Vinfast Fadil | Chevrolet Cruze | Hyundai Accent: 700kvnđ /24h

- Mazda 2 | Honda City: 800kvnđ /24h.

- Kia Cerato | Toyota Vios: 900kvnđ /24h

- Mazda 3 | Ford Focus | Toyota Altis | Hyundai Elantra: 1,000kvnđ /24h.

- Hyundai Tucson | Honda Civic: 1,100kvnđ /24h

- Mazda 6 | Honda HRV: 1,200kvnđ /24h

- Toyota Camry | Vinfast Lux A2.0 | Hyundai Sonato: 1,600kvnđ - 2,000kvnđ /24h

2. Price for renting a 7-seats car:

- Toyota Innova: 900kvnđ /24h

- Toyota Fortuner | Mitsubishi Xpander: 1,100kvnđ /24h.

- Hyundai Santa Fe | Ford Everest | Honda CRV | Kia Sedona: 1,200kvnđ /24h.

(*) Note: The price announced above is for reference only, the actual price may have a negligible difference depending on the general situation of maintenance fees, fuel fees, tolls, … from time to time.

Where to rent a self-drive car at Da Nang?

To evaluate the reputation of a self-drive car rental unit in Da Nang, it is necessary to base on many factors. Accordingly, a unit that is considered prestigious must have the following factors:

- Is a company that has been operating for many years and is highly appreciated by customers for its service quality and service.

- There are many suitable car rental models and forms, meeting the needs and requirements of many customers, and at the same time, the car rental procedure is simple and quick.

- Services provided with high legality, thoughtful support and low fees, flexible payment methods.

- Professional and quick consulting support...

- Absolutely confidential customer information and specified by terms in the contract.

Using the service of Dai Gia Dinh company, you can be assured of the quality with the best price. The benefits of customers are our operational criteria, specifically as:

- Quality and prestige: All rental cars of our company are new, regularly maintained and have a full legal basis as required by the law on road vehicles. regulation

- Diversity and suitability: Dai Gia Dinh is ready to meet all needs and requirements of customers with the most suitable options.

- Simple and fast: Simple procedures, quick support, delivery to the place according to customer requirements

- Competitive fee: Highly competitive fee, committed to not incurring out-of-contract costs and always at the lowest level in Da Nang city today.

Why should rent a self-drive "box driver" to travel at Da Nang?

Why do many people choose self-drive car rental service instead of using other public transport such as taxi or bus? Of course, there will be a lot of explanations depending on how each individual feels. But in the most general perspective, Dai Gia Dinh would like to give some reasons to explain this problem, specifically:

1. Convenient to far away tourist destinations

It is not without reason that Da Nang is hailed as the most livable city in Vietnam. Because not only mountains, rivers, rich oceans, Ba Na mountains, Son Tra peninsula and many other places… are all famous attractions in Da Nang. However, these are points far from the city center, traveling by motorbike or public transport will face many disadvantages. Therefore, renting a 4-seater car will be the best way for you and your family to move to these tourist destinations conveniently.

2. Be more active for the journey

You won't be restricted or have to follow a fixed public transport route. With renting a car, you can comfortably travel and experience.

It is impossible to predict your travel route when organizing tours, Therefore, to be the most proactive for every journey, you should rent a self-driving car as the most suitable.

3. Optimize and fix costs more

If you use taxis or buses running on each route, the costs will be unexpected and often expensive, which are completely eliminated with self-driving cars. You only need to pay a fixed fee, usually 600K a day for a 4-seater car. Therefore, self-driving tourist cars not only bring you great experiences but also save many unforeseen expenses during your journey.

4. Other inadequacies

You already own a 4-seater, but occasionally gathering a group of friends to travel, there will obviously be inconveniences if you want to move together. In addition, "raising a driver" will cost you a lot of annual costs such as registration fees, material insurance fees, personal insurance, car maintenance fees, ...

Benefits of a self-drive car rental

1. Use the car for many purposes

When you are with your family or a group of friends and family, you need a car to travel. And with a self-drive car rental, you have complete comfort and can be used for many different purposes such as: Visiting the countryside with your family, traveling, going on a trip,... Above all, by When traveling by car, it is obvious that you always have comfort and convenience when traveling long distances, no need to worry about the weather and basically a car’s always meets the needs of comfort. , entertainment and high safety for you.

2. There's always the right choice

When you need to rent a car, there will be many issues that you pay attention to such as: Rental fee, vehicle type, safety, comfort, ability to meet requirements, ... However, with 1 supplier professional service, there will be quite a few reasonable options for your goals and requirements. Accordingly, you can optionally choose the form that suits your needs such as renting a car with driver or self-drive, renting by day or by number of Km, etc.

3. Be proactive for all your journeys

Unlike public transport, which is always limited by a fixed schedule, time or location according to the route. With a car you rent, you have complete autonomy in decisions about your schedule without having to worry about other issues.

4. Safer for your trip

By renting a self-drive car, you certainly have more safety and privacy than traveling on public transport, especially when it comes to preserving your luggage. In addition, the safety factor for you is also guaranteed, and most of all, you do not have to worry about unusual weather changes such as when traveling by motorbike, etc.

What to prepare when renting a car?

At Dai Gia Dinh company, renting a tourist car is generally quite easy with a simple and quick procedure. Accordingly, customers need to prepare the following procedures:

1. Requirements:

- Household registration book (if there are no friends or relatives in the name of help).

- Identity card / Citizen ID / Passport of the person signing the contract.

- Have a valid driver's license of the right class

- Deposit money or motorbike registration certificate (Not applicable to people with household registration in Da Nang city).

2. Order of car rental:

- Consulting and signing the contract: After agreeing on necessary procedures and fee ranges, company staff will come to the place to carry out the required procedures (verify information, address, person standing contract name ....). Or you can also bring the documents to the company address to be done. After signing the contract, you need to pay the agreed fees (from 30% - 50% - 100%) by transfer or in cash.

- Car delivery: After the customer transfers the deposit, the customer will be handed over by the company according to the contract for use.

*Note: When receiving the car, the customer needs to check the vehicle's condition, fuel level... and sign 02 handover records according to the company form.

- Payment at the end of the contract: The general rule is that you have to return the car on time (overtime will have to pay extra, usually about 100,000 VND / hour). When returning the car, both will compare the original condition, fuel level... to calculate an additional fee (if any). Payment to terminate the contract according to the agreement.

Notes when renting a car need to know

1. Clearly define the need & purpose of car rental

Determining the purpose and needs of using the car will be the basis for you to choose for yourself the most suitable vehicle within your financial ability, such as: Choosing a 4-seats car or 7-seats car, choosing pickup, sedan, SUV, or hatchback,...; choose an affordable car or a luxury car,.... This helps you make a more accurate decision for your needs.

2. Select the appropriate form of service

It is whether you choose to rent a car with a driver or you drive yourself. Of course, when you choose the service with a driver, you will have to pay the corresponding surcharges for the company's employees and certainly the cost will be more than if you drive it yourself.

3. Set a time and contact to book a car early

This is something you absolutely need to pay attention to when planning to use a self-drive car rental. Setting a time and booking early will help you be more proactive, choose the right car model you need and importantly, will not affect your scheduled schedule.

4. Prepare procedures and check vehicle papers

You should contact the service provider for specific instructions on the required procedures according to their regulations. In addition, it is necessary to check the legality of documents related to the vehicle in accordance with regulations to ensure that the car you rent can "surf smoothly" as desired.

5. Overall vehicle inspection

In terms of both the outside and the inside of the car, it's better to take a few pictures in case bad situations can cause trouble for you. Check the performance of the car, of course you also need a little knowledge to know that the car you rent can meet the problems of continuous operation (if any).

6. Check contract information

Do not ignore the terms specified in the car rental contract, these are the basis for you to perform as well as be guaranteed your legal rights and interests when using the service provided by the service provider. .

Regulations after renting and using a car

- It is strictly forbidden to rent and use a vehicle for illegal purposes such as: Transporting drugs, contraband, prohibited goods, etc. It is absolutely necessary to use the vehicle for the right purpose in accordance with legal regulations and terms. specified in the contract.

- Operate vehicles according to the law when participating in traffic, especially on highways and national highways in order to limit the situation of fines and economic losses for car owners and rental units.

- Absolutely do not drink alcohol when participating in traffic as recommended by the National Traffic Safety Committee.

- In case the car is used beyond the time specified in the contract but the tenant does not terminate or renew the contract, the company will notify the competent authority to resolve the customer's breach of contract.

- In case the vehicle has a problem such as: accident, damage, collision, etc., when participating in traffic, the car hirer should not arbitrarily fix it, but need to urgently report it to the company and have the responsibility to coordinate with us. for quick troubleshooting. In addition, the car hirer must bear the repair fees in case of damage caused by his fault. However, if there is responsibility and good coordination with the company in the troubleshooting process, the customer will be considered to support a part of the above costs.

How to book a quick car rental at Dai Gia Dinh company

- Option 1: To quickly respond to the information you need support, please contact Hotline: 0948.0000.72 for specific advice as well as the fastest and most accurate quote.

- Option 2: Customers can also send request information to book a car via e-mail: ototulaidaigiadinh@gmail.com with the message "Pick up a car on request" with your contact information, we will host Contact directly to advise you on issues as required.

- Option 3: If customers need to immediately receive the car they want to rent, please bring the relevant documents and go directly to the company's office at the address: 119 Mother Nhu, Thanh Khe, Da Nang to sign the contract and receive the car right away.

- Option 4: In addition, customers can also book a car at website: ototulaidanang.vn, we will immediately support the necessary information for you.

You need to rent a car for 4- 7-seats, rent a Limousine of 9-seats car, rent cars from 16 to 45 seats as well as have other requirements, please contact us for details. best detailed consultation & quotation.

Dai Gia Dinh Company would like to sincerely thank you for your companionship and look forward to continuing to receive your support. Wishing you good health and success.

Best regards!